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What AirREX Customers are saying about AirRex Suspension

Dear Airrex USA

This is my first time working with air suspension, Ive tried both systems within a year and ended up going back to airrex because of a few reasons. The main thing i liked about airrex is the wireless controller, everything you need to monitor is on there while at the same time theres no wires. Sure you can buy an extra manual gauge or spend more on a dakota digital gauge... If youre going for accuair just for iLevel you might wanna try both systems first. The range is ridiculous on the airrex and I have never had connection problems. With the accuair ilevel I tried so many ways including placing it unobstructed or higher and all kinds of different things but it would keep disconnecting or could barely reach the car 5-10 feet away. Thats what made me switch from airrex to accuser in the first place but that was a big turnoff. If youre into the pressure based vs leveling system thing, I have tried both and while it comes down to preference, I am pressure based all the way because I do not pack people on the daily…The leveling on accuair is on point and they say you don't need a gauge but its peace of mind and it allows you to constantly monitor whats going on with your system. While the elevel is accurate, once you get to know your car you can familiarize yourself with how your car sits at a certain psi with pressure based also.. airrex also has the preset modes as well. Then theres the DIY level of the systems. WIth the accuair it took me about a week to set up my management and elevel system while the airrex i did everything in about 5.5 hours as advertised. If you have never done an air install before, expect some leaks when you set up a management from scratch

Honolulu Hawaii 

Dear Airrex USA

Airrex been proven, we have 3 cars with it and we all went from Chicago to new jersey and back. The most recent was to canibeat first class fitment. The Honda Fit had 3 guys, bags for clothes, tools while towing a trailer for 2 custom honda ruckus. They said the ride was great. The Toyota Matrix made the trip twice this year to first class fitment and to import evolution/black4 with the bmw 535i. We airred out everytime we parked and no issues.

Chicago Ilinois

Dear AirRex USA

This digital air suspension system is the best on the market! Not only that but the price is way better than most. When I had it installed on my Lexus I was thinking if it would be good for a luxury type of vehicle. I didn't want to hear that sound like how a city bus sounds when you dump your car to the ground. This was perfect because you can't hear anything when lowering and that fits the term "Luxury". When the tank is filling you also don't hear a loud as hell buzzing noise due to it being enclosed in a box. The digital remote comes in handy so you don't need to install or drill separate gauges in the car. It also prevents some one from jacking your car. Fully dump your car, take the remote with you and no one can air up the car without the remote! For those curious about this system all I have is two words... BAD ASS...

Ewa Hawaii 

Dear AirREX USA 

Coming from Drop Springs...to Coil-Overs. Which I thought was it. Then I heard great things about the AirRex System. So As a DIY guy..This Kit is Awesome! I Installed it on my G35....And it's the same as changing struts and Shocks. Simple system...Which makes it easy for DIY! if U have the know how. But it rides the same as Coil-overs. Which Amazed me. the hardest part is Running the Airlines! Which is not that bad either. and the Airrex kit comes as pressure based. And No need buy extra gauges! Everything u need shows on the Wireless remote! Which is Awesome! But If u looking for a Bag system that still gives u performance. not cushy Rides like other kits. This is the KIT to get!

Mililani Hawaii