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AirREX Digital Suspension Systems 

For performance-based, easy-to-install air ride suspension systems for your vehicle, Performance Air Suspension of Hawaii, has you covered. Our air suspension systems beat our competitors every time.

Smooth, Comfortable Ride that 

These coil over high-performance suspension systems are made to last. They include an AMS wireless pressure-based digital setup including height presets. For those in Hawaii, we offer custom installation of these systems per request.

AirRex Wireless Technology

AirRex has taken the digital era of air management systems to a whole new level. With in mind of simplicity. The AirRex system is the easiest to install height management system on the Market today. Each kit comes reassembled in a AMS (Air Management System) case that is pre plumbed and wired and ready to install. Installation is a simple as running a power and ground wire and four hoses.


AirREX Systems are built to handle on the track. AirRex systems is proven winners on the track. AirREX Dealer Car Porn Racing in the Philippines shows you that AirREX is made to handle on the track More info on AirREX on the Race track can be found here http://www.air society.net/2011/12/mini-cooper-s-racing-air-AirREX/

Our AirREX Wireless Digital Controller is the main part of our system as no other air suspension system on the market offers a wireless controller like we do. The AirRex wireless controller requires no installation as where other kits you will have to find location on the dash board and to drill or cut hoses to mount the stitches and air pressure gauges. Without the need to install those components it saves you about 3 to 4 hours of install time. 

Wireless Digital Controller Features 

  • Digital Pressure Guage for each wheel and tank psi 
  • 3 Height Presets 
  • Manual Controls for each wheel. 
  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • Compressor time out (shuts down system if compressor is running for over 15 min)
  • Low Voltage time out (shuts system down when voltage gets to low)


AirREX AMS System Features 

  • Easy to install system case
  • 2 wire and 4 hoses to hook up.
  • All prewired and plumbed and pressure checked for leaks and operation
  • 1/4 inch hose hook up
  • Viair 380c Compressor 
  • 3 Gallon high quality stainless steal tank that resist rusting
  • AirREX Manifold Valve
  • Flow control valves to have fine tuning control on speed and lowering of suspension 
  • Can be used on any air suspension system


AirREX Strut System Features

  • High performance coil over damper design 
  • Valved for each vehicle application for best performance and ride quality
  • Airbags are made in house with the best quality rubber
  • Airbags Max PSI  Bellows Bags 400psi \ Sleeved Bags 300psi 
  • All labeled with AirREX brand and serial numbers for authenticity 
  • Optional Camber plate or pillow ball mounts for certain applications

Contact us today for further details and pricing information on AirREX Digital Suspension Systems.